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[5 Jan 2012 | 2 Comments | 54,147 views]
Building A Car Rig

This tutorial was written for the November 2008 of 3D World magazine (issue 109). It shows how to create a rig for a 4 wheeled vehicle that uses spring dynamics to simulate suspension movement.

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[13 Jul 2010 | 3 Comments | 12,741 views]
Solutions for Python in XSI (Part 2)

This is the second article of two that show solutions to common problems faced when using Python in XSI.

It discusses a useful way of importing your own Python modules into your plugins.

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[8 Jul 2010 | 2 Comments | 10,793 views]
Solutions for Python in XSI (Part 1)

This article is the first of two that will show you solutions to a couple of common problems you’ll face when using Python in XSI.

Here we look at passing functions to PPGs to be used as PPG logic. Something simple in other scripting languages, but harder in Python.

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[14 Jul 2009 | 2 Comments | 9,015 views]
Customising Houdini Motion Effects

A brief introduction to Motion Effects in Houdini 10, and a working example of how to customise the Motion Effects menu for your own use.

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[1 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 4,778 views]
Synchronising Nikon D70s for Timelapse

This post is the first of a series of entries that will be talking about some of the things I did while at the NFTS (2006-7).

This article talks about creating a high resolution timelapse sequence using two synchronised Nikon D70s.

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[23 Dec 2005 | No Comment | 4,561 views]

How to launch context sensitive help from your external editor

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[22 Dec 2005 | No Comment | 3,513 views]

How to make XSI open your scripts at the right line number when debugging.

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[7 Aug 2005 | No Comment | 6,417 views]

How to use XML with VBScript using MSXML.

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[30 Jun 2003 | 2 Comments | 7,939 views]

How to find memory leaks in your application with minimum effort.

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[18 Jun 2003 | 6 Comments | 71,115 views]

Shows how to create a highly versatile plugin structure for your C++ applications.