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Building A Car Rig

5 January 2012 131,972 views 2 Comments

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Stage Four: Rigging the CoG (center of gravity)

  1. Reload the scene or load vehiclerig_step16 from the downloaded files. Select the CoG object and go to Constrain > Object to Cluster. In the viewport, pick the SuspensionLink object, and then drag select all of its points at once. A popup menu will appear; find and select the SuspensionLink.pnt[*] option. In the constraint PPG, set Tangency and Normal to be active. In the Normal tab, click on the -Y button.

  2. Open the Local Transform property page for the orange BodyRoll object (see step seven for method). Right click on the Z Rotation parameter and select Set Expression. Enter the following expression "-CarRig.Car_Handle.kine.local.rotz" and press Apply. This ensures that the vehicle body has the correct roll, as the constraint on the CoG does not fully set the correct orientation.


Tech Tip

As you do this tutorial, you may be wondering how you would come up with solutions for your own rigs. XSI has a fantastic toolset of constraints, deformers, expressions, and scripted operators available to use, but it can be hard to know where to start. Usually when approaching a complex problem such as rigging a vehicle, it’s best to do as many tests as you can. Start out by solving small problems, and later bring them together to solve the larger puzzle. Use each test to experiment with a different technique to find out what will work for you. After a while, your knowledge and experience will allow you to think of possible solutions without even opening XSI.

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