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Building A Car Rig

5 January 2012 131,973 views 2 Comments

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Stage Five: Adding pitching motion to body

  1. We now need to add a system to make the car body raise and dip when it accelerates and brakes. Select the InertiaMeter_Base and go to Simulate > Create > Rigid Body > Passive Rigid Body. Now select the InertiaMeter_Top object and go to Simulate > Create > Rigid Body > Active Rigid Body.

  2. Select the InertiaMeter_Base object and go to Simulate > Create > Rigid Body > Rigid Constraint > Slider, then pick InertiaMeter_Top. In the slider parameters, set the Spring to 80, Damping to 6 and Rest Length to 10. To move the slider into the car rig hierarchy, select the PathFollower object, click on the Parent button, and then select the slider with left mouse button and right click.

  3. Open the Local Transform property page for the orange BodyRoll object. Right click on the green divot of the X Rotation parameter and select Set Expression. Enter the following expression: "10 – this_model.InertiaMeter_Top.kine.local.posz" making sure you have a space either side of the subtract sign. Press Apply.


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