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[15 Feb 2007 | 3 Comments | 88,136 views]

Post Light lets you accurately light your scene from inside XSI’s FX Tree. You can add lights to the scene and in a matter of seconds, Post Light will render an accurate preview of how the final render will appear.

Full documentation after the link.


[16 Jun 2006 | No Comment | 7,999 views]

How to imitate Houdini’s Digital Assets in XSI


[13 Jan 2006 | No Comment | 4,612 views]

An easy way to edit templates in XSI

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[23 Dec 2005 | No Comment | 6,820 views]

How to launch context sensitive help from your external editor

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[22 Dec 2005 | No Comment | 7,257 views]

How to make XSI open your scripts at the right line number when debugging.

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[21 Nov 2005 | No Comment | 25,044 views]

This tool lets you get a bit more insight into what is happening under the hood of XSI’s rendertree. Using it as a intermediate node, it will display all the data that passes through it in a way similar to how Photoshop Levels is shown. It will also show you the number of times the shader has been evaluated, as well as displaying the minimum and maximum range (which is dead handy for setting up commonly used nodes such as Change Range and Gradient Mixer).