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[9 Sep 2004 | No Comment | 37,668 views]

This tutorial shows you how to automatically create displaced trails in the snow. The process is automatic once it is set up, and it will let you make trails using pretty much anything. Useful for footprints and vehicle tracks.

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[12 Jun 2003 | No Comment | 52,134 views]

A tutorial on using Lightwave’s powerful procedural texturing, coupled with weightmaps and gradients.

It shows the creation and texturing of a large metal anvil, and also illustrates the basic principles in surfacing a model.

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[3 Jun 2003 | No Comment | 17,819 views]

A tutorial on creating an easily adjustable lighting rig to simulate daylight conditions. This technique was used for my Mitsubishi Pajero composite animation.

It also shows some useful techniques in applying changes to large amounts of objects.