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Building A Car Rig

5 January 2012 131,975 views 2 Comments

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Stage Six: Attaching the 3D mesh to the rig

  1. We’re now ready to constrain the 3D model to the rig. Press [5] to bring up the XSI File Browser, and navigate to find the Hummer.emdl model from the downloaded files. Drag and drop the file from the browser into your scene. Alternatively, you can go to File > Import > Model, but using the XSI File Browser is generally quicker and more efficient, especially when loading multiple models.

  2. In the viewport, go to the eye shaped icon at the top of the window, and click on it to show the visibility menu. Uncheck the 3D Geometry option to hide the mesh of the vehicle. You should notice that there are now five yellow diamond shaped null objects in the scene. Four are located at each wheel center, and the fifth is near the center of the vehicle.

  3. Select one of the wheel’s yellow diamond shaped nulls, and go to Constrain > Pose, then click the Wheel_Rot object that surrounds it (an orange set of rings). Repeat for the others. Now, on the main control panel, turn on constraint compensation by enabling the "CnsComp" button. Select the remaining yellow diamond, and pose constrain it to the adjacent BodyRoll object (an orange box). Disable constraint compensation.


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