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10 December 2006 70,474 views 3 Comments


This XSI addon was formerly a VBScript operator but is now written in C++ for performance reasons.

Taut is a C++ modelling operator for straightening edges. It features an intelligent algorithm that searches your current selection for distinct lines, which allows multiple edges to be straightened at once. It also features three modes of operation that provide different ways of distributing the vertices along the lines. See the walk through below for more information.

The link to download Taut is on the following page.


The plugin is provided as an XSI Add-On file, and as such, you can simply drag and drop the link from the download page to install it. Alternatively, download the file, and then drag and drop it into XSI, or use the File -> Add-On -> Install menu option.

If you previously downloaded the VBScript version of the operator. Please ensure you uninstall it before installing the C++ version. No guarantees are made for backwards compatibility, so please make sure that old scenes don’t have the VBScript version operator still in history.

Walk Through

I’ve started off with a simple grid polymesh primitive, and added a small amount of random deformation using Shape Jitter.
Now select some edges that you want to straighten. Note that they don’t have to be separate, they can connect and even cross over.

Now, using the right click context menu, select Taut.

That straightens most of the lines okay, except for two of them where Taut is treating them as a single line.

Fixing it is easy, just increase the Angle Threshold until Taut does what we want it to.

In Normal mode, the vertices are moved the shortest distance possible onto the line defined between the end points.

The picture to the left shows the result of using the Evenly Spaced mode.

This time, Taut makes sure that the distances between the vertices along a particular line are equal. Note that you will usually get problems where selected edges cross over each other when using this mode.

To fix this, simply increase the iterations parameter until the problem disappears.

Finally, Taut has the Intellimesh mode.

In this mode, Taut attempts to relax the mesh. You can see that the unselected edges that touch the line, form straight lines either side of the selected line. This feature is not constrained to quad meshes by the way.

Please see the next page for more information and to download Taut.

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  • mmg said:

    Thank you.

  • raul said:

    I tried this on xsi 2010, doesnt seem to work 🙁
    gave me this error
    // ERROR : 2228 – Unable to locate the initialization entry point named “FXNut_TautOp_Init” in “C:\Users\owner\Autodesk\Softimage_2010\Addons\ReleaseTaut\Application\bin\nt-x86\FXNut_TautOp.dll” library for “FXNut_TautOp” operator addon. Operator will be muted.

  • AndyN (author) said:

    Hi Raul,
    I’ve got problems with trying to make an XSI addon at the moment, but I’ll send you the dll via email.

    I can sort this out properly when I get back to work, but until then, if anyone else is having any problems, just contact me via the contact page.


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