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Softimage XSI 2010

Replace ICE String   

The Replace ICE String tool lets you effortlessly change attribute names in your ICE trees.
Download... Replace ICE String V1.0 (3Kb)

XSI Tab Menu   

A tool free to download for XSI, that mimics the Tab menu from Houdini and Nuke.
A great way to speed up your workflow.
Download... XSI Tab Menu V1.2 (32Kb)

Maya 8.0


Subdivide your meshes along each axis.
Note: this is a work-in-progress. It needs tidying up a little, but it’s still useful which is why I put it up here.
Download... Windows V1.0 (3Kb)

Softimage XSI 5.0

SaveRenderMesh   

Saves the render version of a mesh to Wavefront Obj format.
Can be used to save subdivision geometry, displaced meshes, and particle/hair instantiated objects.

Thanks to Ben Rogall (Link), it now comes with 64 bit support!

Download... Windows V1.0 (26Kb)

Soft Effector   

Stop your IK chains from snapping with this easy to use plugin. Also works with stretchy bone chains.
Download... Windows V1.0 (3Kb)

Postlight   

Light your scene interactively from the FX Tree. Supports area lights and shadows.
Download... Windows V1.0 (182Kb)

Softimage XSI 4.2

Postlight   

Light your scene interactively from the FX Tree. Supports area lights and shadows.
Download... Windows V1.0 (176Kb)

Histogram   

An XSI plugin and COM application that allows you to see what’s really going on inside the XSI render tree.
Download... Windows V1.0 (4.7Mb)

XSI Operator Wizard

This wizard creates a C++ XSI Operator project for Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, and 2005.
Download... Windows V1.0 (3.4Mb)

Taut   

Taut is an easy to use tool for straightening any edges that are currently selected.
Download... Windows V1.0 (106Kb)

Digital Fusion 4

Virtual Cam

Virtual Cam is a plugin for Digital Fusion 4 that allows you to place a 2D image in 3D space. It will also import Lightwave motion data.
Download... Windows V1.0 (174Kb)

Lightwave 7.5


MultiMove is a handy tool for Lightwave Layout for transforming multiple objects at once using numeric entry.
Download... Windows V1.0 (119Kb)

Select Unlocked

SelectUnlocked is a very simple plugin that will select all unlocked objects or unlocked bones (depending on initial selection).
Download... Windows V1.0 (82Kb)


LWComm lets you develop applications that can talk directly to Lightwave Modeller!
You can create points, polygons, and surfaces remotely from your own apps.
Download... Windows V1.0 (400Kb)

Radial Noise

A procedural texture that is based on Lightwave’s standard Multifractal noise, but is applied cylindrically along a specified axis.

Click above to view excellent examples of using Radial Noise (thanks go to Gideon Breazeal, alias Wacom, for the great examples).
Download... Windows V1.0 (117Kb)


A shader that changes a surface’s color or luminosity where it is not illuminated (similar to a per surface ambient color setting). You can adjust color, luminosity, and sharpness of falloff.
Handy for cartoon styles and other specialised lighting effects.
Igloo example image
Igloo example image with AmbiColor
Download... Windows V1.0 (145Kb)


A plugin that allows an object’s pivot point to trace over another object’s surface. (Includes tutorial scene files)
Download... Windows V1.0 (182Kb)

Camera Director

A compiled LScript to enable switching between cameras during renders.
Download... Windows V1.0 (131Kb)